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  1. Welcome to Maanshan Zhongli Tool Manufacturing Co. LTD!


    About us


      Basic value system

      Core values: people-oriented, quality win

      Enterprise spirit: realistic, innovative, united and efficient

      Business purpose: to create value for customers

      Management philosophy: pursuit of excellence, development and innovation

      Enterprise style: being a serious person and doing rigorous work

      Enterprise value concept system

      Market view: customer first

      Work outlook: The value of life, the joy of life

      Quality view: the life of the enterprise, the quality of the staff

      Talent view: pay attention to learning ability, practice ability and innovation ability

      View of benefit: pay equal attention to economic benefit and social benefit

      Development view: sustainable and healthy development

      Brand concept: build famous brand with high-quality goods, develop brand with innovation

      Cooperation concept: honest cooperation to achieve a win-win situation

    Address: Bowang Silian Industrial Park, Maanshan City

    Telephone: 0555-6762102

    Contact: Cheng Kequan cheng Kezhen 13951078648 13965382116

    Fax: 0555-6769011

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